Monday, December 1, 2008

An Angel Visit

We have come to the end of our family devotion time on Honoring God, and before we start a new chapter in that book we are letting the kids choose some Bible stories in one of my childhood story books. Melissa chose An Angel Visit. There are different ways these stories are set up. You can choose a rhythm story (involves clapping), a skit that has different characters or a regular story. It also has songs to go along with the stories. An Angel visit was a skit. Luke was the narrator, Melissa was Mary and Nate...was the angel, Gabriel. I knew I could have some fun with this when I remembered Melissa's angel wings :) Nate was apposed from the moment I mentioned it but it's amazing what a little girl can get her daddy to do! I was able to sneak a quick picture of "Gabriel" in action while he had his wings on!

Nate is such a great dad and a good sport when it comes to things like this! But I do have a feeling that next family time that calls for dress-up...he will be hiding the camera!


Jim and April said...

love it! Thanks for showing us this...i think its so funny how guys in general will do silly/sweet/loving things like that with their wives (thats how Jim is with me) or children but when they are around their guy friends...they cant act that cute!

Jeremy and Kristi Smith said...

HA HA HA! Love it Nate! :0)