Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the Spirit of Football Season

Nate has been throwing out penalty flags to us. Any time he finds a light on in the house and no one is in the room he yells out, "Unnecessary!" and flags us. Personally, I don't see a big deal! I mean, I'm bound to go back in that room eventually, why not go into a nice bright room instead of a dark room? Really! He says it's an unnecessary use of energy...or something to that effect...and then says 5 yard penalty. Oh brother.


Noelle said...

LOL, that's funny! That's how my dad was growing up...would always say something to us if we left a light on in a room we had left! Habits stick with you though because I always turn off the light now when I leave a room and have already seen Addisyn following suite! =) Nate's parents were probably the same way to him growing up! =)

Jim and April said...

so how many penalty points can you get before something happens? lol thanks for sharing!