Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hallie is now 6 months. Sometimes it seems longer, sometimes I don't know where the time went! Here are some "fun" stories of our life with Hallie so far:

~ Hallie has a mohawk, not so much now as she did when she was born. So Luke said, "Mom, the hospital was wrong, Hallie is a boy because she has a mohawk. We need to call them and tell them they were wrong."

~ One of my first outings with all four kids was challenging. Hallie was not quite 2 weeks old and I was feeling like super mom and went garage saleing...more like stupid mom huh? Well anyways there's no stopping me when I get a notion in my head. I walked down one street, a hill might I add, and Hallie starts fussing. I pick her up and she had a blow out. I walk back up the hill, holding Hallie in one arm, pushing the double stroller with the other. Changed her but now I had no coat for her so I take Melissa's sweatshirt and wrap Hallie up in that. After two more streets, I start getting sore from walking. So we head home. For the next 3 DAYS I am so sore I can bearly walk around my house! Word of advise, don't go garage saleing 2 weeks after you have a baby!

~ Nursing a baby with other children around can always be interesting. We all laughed at Micah one night at supper when we caught him nursing his "baby" grape!

~ Another outing with the four kids was to the library. Our library participates in the summer reading program. So I put Micah and Hallie in the double stroller and everyone is happy...until...check out time. Here's what happens; Hallie starts fussing, Micah starts fussing (both are locked into the stroller, and Micah is doing one of those lean over as far as the seat belt will hold me things), Melissa is begging for a movie and to top it all off Luke says he has to go potty and it can't wait! Neat. I look at my pile of 30 or so books to be checked out, a lady behind me in line feels sorry for me and starts shaking her keys at Hallie to quiet her, all while saying,"You have your hands full!" Grrr. I tell the Librarian that we have to go to the bathroom. She has the nerve to tell me I have to sign a paper to use the bathroom and then gives me a key! That signature was not legible, I'll tell ya that much. Here we are now in the bathroom and you know how loud a bathroom can be! I look in the mirror and just start laughing. I figured laughing was better than crying! I think we ALL took naps that afternoon!

~ No longer can I lay Hallie on the floor and think she will stay there. She rolls and scoots...backwards. She will find any kind of paper she can find and eat it. In fact, Luke had one of his awana dollars out and Hallie ate it...no joke! I change her diaper so I know! I would have loved to have seen Luke's leader's face when he handed her a baggie with tiny chewed pieces of the remainder of his awana dollar saying, "My sister ate it."

~ Over all Hallie has been a true blessing and joy to our family. A surprise she, was but a good one! Our number one pray is that she (and her siblings) will walk with the Lord!

Here are some pictures of sweet Hallie's life so far:

Hallie 1 month old
One of my favorite dresses that a friend got for her!

Hallie 3 months old
Going to the fair!

Hallie 3 months
Can you tell I love hats?

Hallie 4 months old
Her first pony tail.

Hallie 5 months old
Dedication Sunday

Hallie 6 months
1st cereal

Happy Tuesday!

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Noelle said...

Very cute pictures and stories...she's getting so big!! Can't wait to see her at Christmas!!