Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall 2008

Fall at our house involves candy and pumpkins! Each child had a pumpkin that they "carved." Micah wanted "Bob" from veggie tales...that was Nate's job. Melissa and Luke both drew faces on their's and then Nate tried to carve them too. This was the first year we toasted the pumpkin seeds. They were really good! The kids thought they tasted like popcorn.

We let our kids go trick or treating in our neighborhood. Luke dressed as Captain Hook. Melissa was Tinkerbell. Which is so appropriate for these two at this time in their lives! And Micah was a dog, or "Ruff" as he would say.

Here are some pictures of our fall days. Hallie even got to enjoy the swing on these great 70 degree days


Jim and April said...

oh how cute! LOVEd their costumes!

Jim and April said...

i do...i have a regular family one and a Trying to conceive one...if your ever bored...check out its free and fun and easy...its where I make all my cute headers up top on my blogs!