Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 Ohio has only had a few good far. Thankfully we were able to get out side with the kids in the snow. We lasted about 20 minutes before Hallie decided sledding was too cold. That was fine with me because pulling her UP the hill was getting tiring!
Luke snowboarding on our sled

 Hallie falling off half-way down 

 Micah did pretty well on the round sled. 
Kinda like one of those spinny rides at Cedar Point!

 Melissa ran into Luke as he was trying to make a ramp
This would have made a funny video :)

 Luke and Melissa building a snow fort on our back porch

Will we have any more snow days this winter? We hope so! I haven't got my fill yet. I love to see 2 more big snows! Happy Winter!


Laura said...

Oh how I would a hearty snow! I had the kids get Matt a sled for Christmas and we haven't even gotten to take the stickers off it!

Juls said...

LOL! I know it. I'm glad we have been able to take advantage of the snow while we had it. I'd love one more big snow before Spring comes.