Thursday, May 19, 2011

Micah's Preschool Program

 Micah is in a one-day a week preschool. This is perfect for our family. I try to hold on to my kids as long as I can and most preschools are 2-5 days a week. In my opinion, that's too long for a preschooler. They are going to be in school for 13+ years! Why not let them enjoy as much time at home while they can. My older two adjusted fine to Kindergarten with attending the one day a week preschool. However, if I were a working parent, I understand wanting a longer preschool. Thankfully the Lord allowed me to be able to be home.
 Micah received the award for Bible verse memorization. Which is quite an honor! I'm so proud of Micah for the maturing he did this past year. He did not have much interest in coloring, writing or learning his ABC's. But starting last fall, I noticed a big difference in his learning. We tried to go over things at home that he learned in preschool. I've enjoyed watching him learn this year! Micah will turn 5 in August but he will not attend kindergarten till the following year. This coming Fall, Micah and Hallie will be in the same preschool class! Hope that goes well :)
 Mrs. Jen and the class - Riley (graduating preschool), Drew, Micah, Lacy and Alex
 Micah and Grandma and Grandpa J.
Micah and his award and art project.

Thanks to Mrs. Jen and her patience and teaching talent!

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