Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Project Ideas

 Every time Luke comes home with a school project that he has to do, my mind starts turning with all the ideas we could do. Nate's Mom got me started into making gingerbread houses. I'm not talking about the little kits you buy in the store either. I'm taking about homemade gingerbread, measuring and cutting your own dimensions, detailed filled houses! That is where the inspiration came for the gingerbread church I posted a while ago. Well we've been waiting for a project that we could use gingerbread for.
 Luke comes home two weeks ago, with the project of creating an Ohio land form. As soon as Luke got into the van that day, he says, "Mom! I have a project we can make with gingerbread!"
So after deciding to make Cedar Falls from Hocking Hills, we made a list of all the candy we needed.
First, we rolled out a 9x12 gingerbread base and baked it. We used the scraps for building up the rock ledge of the falls.
 Along with the baked scraps for the ledge, we used Kit Kats and broke Hershey's apart to build it up high enough for the falls.
Then we cut some blue fruit by the foot into pieces for the water fall.
All these pieces we are "gluing" in place with a special frosting that dries hard.
 Here are the scavengers that are just waiting and begging for a scrap to fall on the floor. :)
 Luke gluing down some blue fruit roll-up for the stream at the bottom of the falls.

 Luke adding "boulders" (or Reese's) to the top of the rock ledge.
We finished it off with fun dip sand at the edges, Reese cup rock boulders in the stream, M&M rocks along the sand, sugar cone pine trees and finished it off with some Swedish fish swimming in the blue fruit roll-up stream. Luke was very proud! We enjoyed this project together. He just got his grade back which also included his brochure he made about his land form and he got 100% A+!

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