Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ladies Retreat, "Women of Action"

 Some girls from my Bible study and MOPS group went on a ladies retreat at Life Action Family Camp in Michigan. I was really looking forward to it! This was the first time in, like, FOREVER, that I have been away from my fmaily for two nights. I was a little anxious about leaving but was so excited to have this opportunity to grow in the Lord.
 This is our cabin. Bunk beds! I slept on the top bunk the first night. None of us got any sleep! It was the forever long night. You take for granted your own bed until you sleep somewhere else! We still had fun, giggling and laughing. There was even a whoopie cushion involved. At least that's the story and I'm sticking to it.

 Our cabin was the first building off to the left at the top of the hill. We had beautiful weather! It was a little cooler than what Mansfield was, but we couldn't complain!

 Couple pictures of the lake. So peaceful and beautiful!

 This was outside the lodge where we ate most all of our meals.

Our meals....oh our meals! Were we ever spoiled! The food was excellent! Grilled and baked crusted chicken, grilled steak with fajitas, herbed-steamed veggies, red skinned potatoes, croissant sandwiches, bruschetta,  fresh veggies, fresh veggie kabob, fresh fruit, huge salads with tons of toppings to choose from, bread, cookies, etc... I know I missed things. The first night they served us a late night snack. Okay, the word snack should be changed to light MEAL! They had chicken bites wrapped in bacon, mozzarella cheese sticks, hummus with crackers, spinach dip with tortilla chips, fresh veggies and fruit! Snack? Yea, so glad my kids didn't see their version of "snack." :)
We were told to not even clear our dishes. What? Is this really camp?

 This is our meeting room where we had our sessions. After our first meal, we headed up to this building for our first meeting and guess what was waiting for us on the table?
Chocolate Covered Strawberries! (Smile/sigh.)

We always started out each session with great worship! Our speaker for the weekend was Andrea Griffith. What a sweet, gifted, follower of our Savior!

My friend Andrea was the one that organized this trip. She used to live up by this camp. She introduced us to her friend Cheryl who basically became our Mentor Mom for the weekend. Her children are all grown and each of them love the Lord. What a testimony!

 This is where I had some quiet time with the Lord during our free time. The Lord worked in my heart at this very dock up at Clear Lake in Michigan. I want to remember this revival of my soul! (This is actually a picture of my friend Ashley enjoying the view.)

My dear friends who I enjoyed my weekend with.

My soul was refreshed, encouraged, blessed and challenged during this time away. I went expecting God to move in my life. I came home, re-fueled to serve my family. It would be a forever long post if I went into all the things that touched me, but I want to share a couple tidbits I took away from this weekend. 

1) God is in control, even when my faith is weak. 
Sometimes, I don't feel like I deserve God's moving in my life. Sometimes I don't "feel" very strong. Sometimes I can't accept God's blessings on my life cause I don't feel like I am a "Sarah" or "Mary." Andrea said, "It's not based on our faith - God is Sovereign!"

2) We all have an empty cup. How do we fill it? Do we seek for compliments from others? Do we seek success in our job's? Do we volunteer in every ministry possible? Let GOD fill your cup. Nothing/nobody can fill us up - only God can fill us up and fully satisfy.

Oh there is so much more...I'd love to share. But I'll end with a question she asked us at the end...What are you driven by? Selfish ambition? Fear? Worry? Be driven by GOD!

Consider Him.

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