Thursday, January 20, 2011


 We have been planning on going to Kalahari since last fall! It finally worked out to go this past week. Honestly, I was just as excited to go as the kids were...although...I didn't wake up at 6:30 in morning ready to go.

Here are the kids right when we got there....chewy blankie and all.
 They had a big arcade that has tons of games. Melissa's favorite was a wheel that you spin and whatever number you land on, that's how many tickets you get. Lis landed on 40 and 50. She was racking up the tickets. Then Luke saw that and wanted in on it. He got 10.

 There was a free cookie decorating in the lobby. The kids were all over that!
 Along with an indoor water park, there was a 3-level play place that had slides, balls, climbing things and canons that shot the balls. The kids loved this...shucks...I loved this! Unlike other play lands that restrict adults, parents have to go in with the younger kids. I played tag with the kids and there was no way I was going catch them crawling through a tunnel, climbing up rope ladders, and dodging punching balls. But it sure was a good workout! Who needs to go to the gym when you can chase your kids in a play land?

Hallie liked floating the balls over the air tubes. This kept her occupied for awhile. 

Looked what I found in this clam shell!!!
 This is part of the water park that was a big fort. Nate is taking the kids up the steps. Every five minutes or so a big bucket dumps gallons and gallons of water over the whole thing.

 Nate playing with the balls. When you fill this tree stump up with the balls, you can shoot them up and they fly everywhere!
  Luke trying to shoot me with a cannon on the second level.

 Can you believe this??? What a beautiful mini Peanut Butter Pie. Did you notice it's mini? That means it's low in calories right???
 Since Nate and I are still trying to lose a few pounds and eat healthy, we decided to go with a more healthy dessert...Fresh Fruit  Don't laugh at me, fresh fruit IS healthy...and....remember... it was mini. *sigh* Okay...time to go to the play land again.

 Hallie going down a slide in the kiddie area.
 Micah was a little nervous about all this, but once he tried, there was no stopping him. Watch out water park, here he comes!

 Hallie and Micah racing down the slides together.
 This was one of our favorites! See the little figure in the funnel? Yea, that's Luke. You start this slide in a tube that is dark and it whips you around till you come flying out into this funnel. After you shoot around this funnel a few times, you drop out in whatever way your body lands, into the pool below. Very rarely did we land feet first.
 This was our other favorite! Another tube slide that you ride on a multi-person raft and it shoots you into this swirl. After you go around a few times, you drain off into that center hole which takes you to another pool.

Our other favorite thing was the wave pool. All the kids loved playing in there. The water was so nice and warm too.
This is what happens to four kids after spending 2 days at an indoor water park. Thing is, if Nate would have taken this picture about 20 minutes before, you would have seen the front seat passenger in the same position. :)

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Noelle said...

Oh looks like so much fun! I've been meaning to tell you that whenever you want to go there let us know and we would go together! (I know you mentioned this summer wanting to find a family to do things like that with) The kids would LOVE it! Alot of the things like the play fort look the same as the Wilderness lodge did in Wisconsin! If you plan another trip sometime let us know! Oh what fun that would be! =)