Monday, November 8, 2010

Micah's Musings

I took a pad of paper with me all day to write down the things Micah says. Of course, I can't write everything down, but I tried to get as much of his sayings as I could. He is my one child that cracks us up with the things he comes up with! Too bad I can't relay his expression too...that adds a whole new dimension.
Here it goes...

Talking about the trampoline and how we had to throw away our net and will have to get a new one next year:
M - "You would break your foot if there was no net. You would even break your skin too...your WHOLE skin."

Mom - "How was preschool?"
M - "Good."
Mom - "What did you do?"
M - Played puppies and kitties."
Mom - "What did you learn?"
M - " 'bout turkey's. On my paper my turkey is my hand! Mom, did you know turkey's eat worms? I eat gummy worms."

At Lunch, eating Pringles Chips:
M - "Oh yea, watch THIS!" (stuffs a whole pringle chip in his mouth.)
M - (While eating a sucker, Micah uses it to draw an x on the table.) "Mom look I made an x with my sucker juice."

M - "Guys, guys, we're playing tag your it and Hallie's it."

Mom - "Micah, why do you have marker on your face?"
M - "Because Alex and I were markering our grass!" (Preschool picture he drew.)

M - "Rock and Roll Baby!"

M - "I can't find mine own blue football because I don't have my lizard shirt on!"
M - (Picking up a little football we bought for the Operation Christmas Child box) "Can I play with this football?"
Mom - "No."
M - "No, no, I'll play with it for just pretend!"
Mom - "No,"
M - "No, no, I'll hold it real tight and stay in the kitchen!"

Luke - "Can we have Hot chocolate?"
M - "No that's for snow."

Before supper. Micah lifts the foil off the pan on the stove.
Mom - "Don't do that Micah it will let the steam out!"
M - "Steam? You mean Steve?"

M - "I washed my hands in preschool and the marker didn't come off. (runs off to scrub hands again...marches back in, holds hands up high) See? This marker doesn't come off. It's the kind that never comes off."

M - "I'm going to pray. Quiet! (Hallie starting to eat) M - "I didn't even pray! (Hallie stops eating, Micah continues) Dear Jesus... (Luke sniffed) M - "Hey! (Micah pauses and then continues) Thank You for the food Amen."

M - "I want coconut on my toast."
M0m - " Coconut?"
M - "I mean, I mean, peanut butter. Cause I'm not allergic to peanut butter."

Micah poured milk into his cup that still had some of his water in it.
M - (Holding up his cup.) "Hey Mom, this is called milk water, I love milk water."

M - "Hey Mom, I found my blue football.
Mom - " Look at that! And you didn't even have your lizard shirt on."
M - "You mean my sunglasses?"

Micah came up to me with his shirt pulled up over his mouth.
M - "Mom, this is like a spy right?"
2 Seconds later he comes in with a hat covering his whole face.
M - "Mom, can you see my eyeballs?"
Mom - "Nope."
M - "See that's a real spy! Mom, you're an agent spy but I'm your spy brother."

These are the kinds of things you would be hearing all day long if you were me. I cherish these now...cause I know I am going to miss it someday.

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