Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it Snow!

I still love getting snowed in! After last weekend's big snow, we went outside and burned off some energy!

Micah was following Nate as he made a path with the snow blower down the street by the mail boxes.
Hallie went in the garage to play and when I saw her coming out, she no longer had her gloves, boots or sock on one foot on! She was determined to get this toy out! Just makes me cold looking at this picture!


Noelle said...

Love it!!! We're getting a ton of snow today and tomorrow and I'm SO anxious to get out there after it's all done and play!!!!

-Beth said...

Julie I love the snow too! It's so hard to get out w/ a baby though! Maybe next year?! Playing in the snow brings back childhood memories. My mom used to make a huge "pizza pie" w/ her footprints, we would play tag having to stay in the snow trails she made. It was great fun!