Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extended Family

Saturday Nate and I hosted my extended Family gathering.
This is our big family picture. Grandma is not looking but it was the best one I had. We are missing three nephews, Tyler, Jared and Seth, and my cousin Beth and Nathan. But I think we have everyone else!

My Uncle Rick, Mom and Uncle Jim with their Mom (Grandma)

Grandma with all the great grandkids.
This is not the best picture but again, it's all I got.
And you can imagine what it sounded like with all those kids!

Me and my brother's, Jamey and Jeremy with our Grandma!

I always make my family play a game together.
Here is my Dad, Jamey and Jeremy playing the game.

Another view of the game.

Game cont'd

As always, it was very nice to get together with the family. We watched the kids run around and ate good food and learned what everyone thought of what family means to them! Some of the thoughts were, "Sharing socks," "Laughter," "Good Food," "Close knit," "Annoying," "Vacation," "Friends forever," "Loves of my life," "Good memories," "Love," "Kind," "Wholesome," and otehrs that I can't remember.
Thanks to my family for all the memories!

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