Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Celebrations!

We celebrated with my nephews on Christmas Eve since they were not going to be with us on Christmas Day.
Uncle Jamey and Hallie talking on the "phone"
Jared and Seth eating chocolate covered oreos!

Our kids Christmas Morning. The first one up was Luke, 6:40. Then we did what any "good" parent would have done...told them to go watch TV! :) Mom and Dad were not getting up till at least 7:15.
Kids with their stockings.

Luke with his controllers for his game cube.
Micah with his dinosaur.
The kids each got a Webkinz. Matching big brother and sister with little brother and sister.
Melissa with her tent. Although the poles ripped through on two spots. So we took this back the next day and Melissa got to pick out another toy she wanted. But at least we have a picture of the tent she had for a day!

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