Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Sweets

Micah and Melissa helping decorate chocolate dipped pretzels and oreos. Can you guess which pictures that are next are the ones the kids did?

For the record, I'm still finding sprinkles on the kitchen floor!

We had some leftover melted chocolate, so I broke up some graham crackers and threw in some marshmallows for a "s'more" treat.

Hallie dressing up in Luke's boots and Lissa's hat she found laying around in the floor!

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Noelle said...

Ha, ha, ha!! =) My Mom made her Christmas cookies with the girls and let them have free reign of the our cookies looked that same way!! =) She said she was still finding sprinkles on her floor for days! I'm not that brave to let them do something like that...I don't like the big messes! =)