Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Celebrations!Take 3

Melissa and her princess puzzle that Micah got for her.

Luke and Mommy being silly.

Christmas Jammies!!! Nana got Micah and Melissa new jams and we got Luke and Hallie new jams. Now they are nice and warm!!!

This was the 700 piece puzzle that we started on Christmas eve. Luke and Lis helped about the first 20 minutes. Then Nate and I worked on it for the next 3 days! I forgot how fun it was to put together a big puzzle. I'm really surprised we didn't lose any pieces with it sitting on the table for 3 days with 4 kids running around. We had to take a picture of our big accomplishment!

Nate and I in our Lexington sweatshirts that mom and dad got for us for Christmas. They are so cozy warm! PERFECT for watching cold soccer games.

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