Saturday, January 3, 2009

Refreshment Anyone?

What a beautiful day! The sun was inviting me to come outside with it's bright rays today. So I bundled up with my gloves, hat, and coat zipped up to my nose and set off. Do you know how long it's been since I went on a walk, outside, by MYSELF? I don't either. To stay warm, I stuffed my head into my coat so far that I can only see about 2 feet in front of me. As I was into my walk a little ways, I felt the Lord saying, "Lift up your head and breathe in my refreshment!" So I lifted my head out of my coat like a turtle out of it's shell and I just breathed in the cool air! It felt so good! The air was very cool and my face was tightening up to keep the cold out but I just smiled and enjoyed the smell of the fresh air!

Here is what the Lord showed me on my walk:
~ The beautiful blue sky.
~ The pine trees intrigued me with their faithful green hue and different shapes and textures.
~ The brave birds who stayed to stick out the cold sang to me their winter song.
~ The sparkle in the patches of snow.
~ And of course the feel of the cool wind on my face.

I just wanted to jump and spin in the air with gratitude to the Lord for His creation even in the cool months of winter. As we start out the New Year, I have a list of goals and dreams, and I'm always inspired by a fresh start! The Lord took this time to refresh me, and I, in turn, praised Him for His newness! Everyday is a fresh start. Everyday is renewed mercy. And I was so thankful for the Lord inviting me to lift up my head and just breathe as He gently refreshed my soul!

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