Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll Take Four Please!

Well it's happened! Hallie is now pulling herself up! Soon I'll be chasing her around too. I always made fun of those "leashes" for kids. But now that I have four kids, I could see the benefit..."Heal Luke! Sit Melissa! Roll over Micah! Don't lick Hallie!"

"Watch out mom, here I come!"

This is what happens when she falls down.

She LOVES standing!

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Noelle said...

Oh boy...are we in trouble at Christmas time or what?!?!?! =) Hallie standing and Keira now walking!!!! Oh boy!!! That outfit that Hallie has on Keira had last winter...and I've noticed other outfits in other pictures that she had also! Those girls have good taste! =) How much does Hallie weigh now? She almost looks bigger than Keira! =) I love those chubby cheeks! What size is she wearing? We'll have to see if the pj's we got for her will fit, might be too small!