Monday, November 19, 2012

True Women '12 Conference

One of the highlights of my fall was the True Women '12 conference with my sweet friends. Our husbands and family blessed us by caring for our children so us Mommas could get away for some spiritual refreshment! 

 Annie and Jenn

 Brooke and Ashley

 Jen and I

 Our living room in our suite

 The conference was in Indianapolis. Our hotel was right on the canal which had a walk way on either side. Our suite overlooked the canal. It was so nice to walk and enjoy some down time before the conference started.
 These are some pretty pics along the canal walk-way.

 Even had gondolas!

 Jen and Brooke

 Jen, Ashley and Brooke

 Jen, Annie and I 

 All of us Mommas

 My friends and I went to the conference as volunteers. It helped save some money and we also got to pick out our seats. Thousands of ladies attended this conference so picking our seats was a perk! Above is Nancy Leigh DeMoss and another gentleman who hosted the conference.

 This lady, Priscilla, was a wonderful speaker! First I had ever heard about her. She was funny, down to earth and as authentic as you get! I got to hear part of her session on how to study the Bible.

 It's kinda hard to see because of the lighting but this is the big auditorium. I took this picture from the top of a bleacher section to get the look of how packed it was!

 All the ladies had a chance to sign this big board. It is called the True Women Manifesto. The Manifesto is a personal and corporate declaration of belief, consecration, and prayerful intent - to the end that Christ may be exalted and the glory and redeeming love of God may be displayed throughout the whole world!
 Joni Erikson Tada
I really enjoyed hearing her speak.

 After our retreat was over, we met this lady who was staying at our hotel because she had a house fire. We had the privilege to pray with her and bring her some encouragement!

 Annie and I

 Brooke and Jenn

Brooke and her BFF - Coffee ;)

Some highlights/notes and quotes of what God taught me:
  • Identify who or what I am seeking. This could change daily. If it is not centered on's time to refocus.
  • Remember, God sought me first!
  • If I fill up with junk food, I will lose my appetite for the real feast.
  • Make my lifetime a pursuit of seeking God.
  • In my service to God, make sure I am still seeking Him.
  • My life needs to point to God and His story.
  • God can use still use me even though I have made mistakes.
  • I am better in deep water with Jesus, than in shallow water without Him.
  • When I walk away from my sin, I am walking closer to God.
  • The start of revival is repentance. The start of repentance is walking away from my sin.
  • It's the extra-ordinary moment of the Spirit of God that produces extraordinary results.
  • Try praying through my city's phone book.
  • The more I know God, the more clearly I hear Him.
  • Pray for revival!

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