Friday, August 17, 2012

Memory Box

Melissa has been asking me to go through my memory box with her. Tonight we sat down and sifted through years of sweet memories of love, friendship and family. Memories that I didn't even remember I had! (thus the purpose of a memory box.)

We laughed as we looked at the kids drawings I have saved.
We ooed and awed over the prom pictures.
Melissa held the piano music box given to me from my Grandma when I was a little girl like it was a treasure.
We were shocked looking at the metal plates and screws that once were secured onto my arm bone when I broke it years ago.

Of course things took a deeper meaning to me. All the love notes from Nate stirred in me the true treasure of a man God gave me. I teared up when I read through my Grandmas special notes to me and treasured again my family heritage. My own Mother's notes and cards choked me up with all the encouragement and support she gave me makes me desperate for more times spent with my Momma.

But the one special item that came from our searching through my treasured memories tonight was a cassette tape labeled, "Memories." Back in high school, I wrote a song for my dearest friend. As I listened, I remember the story line that brought us through the younger days of our friendship with rocking our baby dolls, laughing together, sleepovers, and then the hope of one day getting married. I held it together till the line, "Lord give me strength to know that one day I might let go, keep these memories close to heart, even if we may one day part." I heard Melissa whisper, "Is mom crying?" A few seconds later I feel my little girl coming to cuddle up right beside me as tears slide on my cheeks. How beautiful friendships and sweet memories are! I wasn't expecting such an emotional night as I relive my memories with my daughter...but now I look forward to many more of these precious
moments...hopefully to be forever impressed upon my well as in my memory box!

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