Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Christmas

Every year we get together with my extended family and enjoy celebrating Christmas. I usually always have a game for the adults to play so this year, I also prepared some games for the kids to play.

Here are the kids playing Melted snowman. They had just as great of a time picking up the melted snowman and eating it as they did playing it!
Cousin Tori and Hallie
Cousin Keira...cutie little girl with beautiful curls! People comment on Micah's curly hair...they should see Keira's!
We had a time of sharing. Luke played his viola for everyone.
Uncle Rick sang a song about baby Jesus. Hallie let him borrow her baby doll to hold for baby Jesus during the song.
The other kids game they had fun with was the Christmas Relay

Tori was a great sport to participate! Go Tori! Thanks for playing with the kids! 

We had a nice time of fellowship with our family and enjoyed dessert together. What a blessing family is. I have so many Christmas memories as a child with family gatherings. It's a joy to see my kids making their memories to cherish for years to come.

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