Thursday, June 9, 2011

Luke's 10...WHAT?!?!

Luke turned 10 end of last month and we celebrated by taking him and some friends to an Akron Aeros game.

 One of his friends had a birthday too so they both got to go out and throw a first pitch in the game. Luke is in the middle of the front row, his friend Xavier is in the blue shirt to the right of him.

 Luke right after he threw his first pitch. He did awesome. Strike!
 Xavier throwing his pitch. Look at that form!
 They got to pick out a ball after their pitch.

 Here's the party row!!!

 After the third inning, the birthday kids got to stand on the dugout and listen to all the fans sing happy birthday to them.
 Eating their birthday cupcakes.

 Birthday crew after winning prizes.

 Time to go to sleep boys!!! (Yea right)  ;)

This was a great way to celebrate a birthday. There were so many different things you got to do! And the price was very reasonable. The birthday kid gets to throw the first pitch, gets a free t-shirt, stand on the dugout and have everyone sing happy birthday, everyone got pizza, pop, chips, they served cupcakes around the 4th inning and all the kids got a free ball and ticket to play a free kid zone activity. (That is where they won all the blow up balls and bats.) Then to end the night they put off an awesome fireworks show!!! Best I've ever seen in awhile. If you are looking for a fun birthday activity, look into it, lot's of fun! 

The boys we took all did great! They had fun being boys together. As I was watching them watch the fireworks, I was feeling sentimental. I had a "flash ahead" (ever heard of that ? :) and saw these boys 8 years down the road to graduation. I just prayed for them all, that the Lord would protect them and watch over them as they grow and mature in Him. It's going to feel like a flash when someday, in the future, they are throwing up their graduation caps with each other, and I will look back at this sweet time they all could throw their arms around each other, laugh and play around as the word "friend" was just starting to take a deeper meaning.

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