Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Boxes

 I get so excited to help my kids make their Valentine Boxes! Nate can help them with their math homework, I will help them with their projects!!!

I like to think "Outside the Box" when it comes to things like this so Melissa decided she wanted Rapunzel's tower. I took an old oatmeal container and wrapped it with construction paper. Lissa drew bricks on it. Then we added a vine. Lis put flower stickers on the vine.

Then we added a roof and drew shingles on it. Finished it off with a picture of Melissa in the window with yarn hair tied with a bow! The opening is in the back of the roof, but Melissa wanted to add the opening in the front by the window so we are going to make that adjustment.
 Melissa and her Valentine tower!
 Luke wanted a football field. Nate covered a shoebox with green construction paper and made goal posts out of dowel rods. I helped Luke make the end zones and score board. We added a flag and Luke made a cardboard football to flick thru the goal posts.

 Here are some of the other ideas we had from the past.

Last year, Lissa with another old oatmeal container with yellow, pink and red construction paper stripes and hearts. Each heart had a letter of her name. We finished it off with a hot pink bow!
This was Luke's last years Telescope box. We had a big cardboard tube from a poster that we made into the telescope. We poked holes in the tube so when you looked into it, it looked like stars. Luke drew the solar system on the bottom box.
 This was a small box that we cut out a heart for the opening and used the cut-out heart shape for her name tag. Lissa decorated the box with a rainbow.
This was probably my favorite so far...Walle. You need a lot of foil for this one. You need a bigger box for the body. We saved an empty paper towel roll for the neck and 2 tomato paste cans for the eyes. The arms were toilet paper rolls and the hands were cut-out cardboard pieces - All covered in foil! The opening was in the front with Luke's name on the heart.

Hope these ideas spark some fun ideas for your kids!


Valerie Hunter said...

You are so stinkin' creative. Neither one of our kids got to make their boxes at home this year, or last year, for that matter :O(

Anonymous said...

I second the creative! wow girl! those rock. I'm kinda dreading entering in to this phase of coming up w/ something good for each of the kids year after year..

-Beth H

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