Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You Tyler!

My nephew, Tyler, is overseas right now serving our Country. He is the first of my closet relatives to serve in the Military. My family put together a care package for him and we made him a flag. I got this idea from a gift that Nate's niece had received at her going away party. She just joined the Army and one of her cousins made a flag for her and wrote notes in the white stripe.
I decided to add my own twist for Tyler's flag:

Measuring the stripes

Nate outlining the stripes

My Dad writing his message in the first white stripe

My Mom writing her message in the second white stripe

My other nephews, Jared and Seth, used their hand prints for the stars.

They were giggling at how the paint felt on their hands :)

My brother Jeremy and his boys, Jared and Seth writing their message to Tyler. They did a great job drawing eagles and flags.

Then my kids used their hand prints for the red stripes. Here's Hallie making her hand prints.

Micah's hand prints.

Luke's handprints.

And Melissa...they had so much fun doing this.

The finished flag!
We are proud of you Tyler! May God bless and protect you and bring you back safely! We love you!

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Valerie Hunter said...

That is so cool, Julie. I bet he is going to LOVE it!