Thursday, December 16, 2010


Melissa had her friend Skyler over last Friday for a sleep-over. They are in the same class in Kindergarten and have become really good friends! We are enjoying our time with Skyler's family before they have to move to San Diego in January. Melissa wanted to get matching necklaces so they will remember their friendship with each other. Here the girls are with their butterfly necklaces.

We took the kids to "Experience Bethlehem" at the Clear Fork Church. You go room to room and hear parts of the Christmas Story and watch a little drama scene as the story is told. After you get through all the rooms/stations, you get to go to "Bethlehem." The church's gym is set up like a little town with shops and the stable with real animals.

As you enter, you have to sign the "census" and then they give you a bag of coins you can spend in the shops. They have a jewelry shop where you can "buy" a beaded necklace or ring, a flower shop where you can make your own potpourri, a wheat mill where you can grind wheat and buy some crackers, a pottery stand where you can buy a bag of many, many more!

They even have a jail! There are Roman Guards that walk around and if you are messing around they will take you to jail :)

This is one of my kids favorite things to do during the Christmas season. What a neat ministry this church has, and it's all free!

We set up a another mattress for Skyler beside Melissa's bed. In the morning they said that they both ended up  sleeping on the mattress! How cute :)

Good Night Girls!
(an hour later...giggle, giggle :)

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Mommy and Me Fitness team said...

Thanks for sharing we loved reading the post. Skyler had so much fun and loves Melissa so much. They will keep in touch. :) We are so blessed by her friendship. Angie