Monday, August 9, 2010

The Love of My Kids

The phrase, "burning the candle at both ends" fits our life right now. The last 4 weeks have been stressful, hectic, emotional and exhausting. I'll post later about more specifics but my heart was touched deeply today when my kids found me at my breaking point. I couldn't hold it in any more and the tears came rushing out.

A few moments later, I was delivered this tray, with the red plate, and a treat for me. Luke made me a milk shake with pieces of cake, donuts and sprinkles in it. (Despite the sound, it wasn't too bad.) Melissa filled a mug of ice water and Micah got a bowl of pretzels. They delivered it down to the laundry room! Luke also offered to make lunch for all the kids.

How can I not smile after that!

Then...I went upstairs to the kitchen and dining room...

but I chose to overlook the huge mess and just kept smiling. Luke made the kids yogurt parfaits, heated up some baked beans, passed out handfuls of pretzels and cut up some bananas for everyone.

I'm worn out for sure, but the Lord used my kids today to renew my strength! Thank You Lord for the blessings of my children!

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