Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Summer is here!!!!
I have a dream that this summer will be full of fun family memories, growing the kids spiritually, teaching them more responsibility and growing closer to each other.

To help with this dream, I decided I would stop the, "I'm bored!" and, "There's nothing to do!" comments before they start by posting this summertime poster on our fridge.

I listed daily and weekly goals. Under the daily goals, I listed a helper chore. The goal of this is to inspire them to see things around the house that need done, to do it! Also to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment at the end of the day. I listed many examples (however, there are many more that I can think of) to help them.

The weekly activities are to be done at least ONCE, but I would like to see these done 3-4 times a week. Instead of putting a number to these activities, I left it open-ended to guard against it becoming a "chore" that needs checked off, in hopes of it becoming more of a special time to look forward to.
Again, I listed examples of ideas but the list goes on and on.

Today is the first day we have started this and the kids keep coming to me to ask me, "What do I do next?" Hopefully that attitude will last all summer long :)

By the end of summer, I hope to be able to look back and feel inspired and refreshed about our summer instead of it feeling like it slipped away.

So here is our poster. I copied and pasted it from a WORD document so it's a not lined up like I have it on the fridge but it gives all the info.



½ hour reading

½ hour art

1 helper chore

1 hour LIMIT of t.v.

Helper Chores: (ideas)

Cooking helper with mom

Organize books

Organize movies


Water flowers

Clean out van

Put shoes away

Sort laundry

Mow - Luke

Clean under bed

Clean out sun room

Wash dishes

Help unload dishwasher

Pick up toys on the floor of one room

Pick up trash/sticks in yard

Wash living/dining room windows


Practice piano or guitar

Educational /Creative activity

Visit Library

Family activity

Family activity: (ideas)

Bike trail



Outside/Inside games


Visit Grandma

Educational/Creative Activity: (ideas)

Educational computer game ½ hour

Write a book


Play dough

Write a letter


To do bucket

Make a poster – use old magazines

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