Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yes, I know Easter was a while back, but here are the pictures of my kiddos on Easter morning!

Hallie, Micah (being difficult), Melissa and Luke

His preschool teacher is goign to be SO lucky to have him... (LOL Jen! ;)

Melissa, Hallie, Jayden and Elizabeth

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Noelle said...

I have been wondering where those Easter pictures were at!!! =) Melissa and Hallie look more and more alike everyday...very cute! And I have to laugh at Micah...we wonder the same thing about Keira! My dad ask me last week if we were planning on sending Keira to 3 yr old preschool in another year...I just sighed...my comment was we'll see how her sitting still skills develop a year from now! =) Ha, good luck! =)