Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Day

Last night was our first girls Bible study and I didn't realize how much I have been needing this. I had decided that night that I wanted to wake up the next day (today) and devote my day to Him. I woke up, energized and ready to feel the Lord work in my life! Well...Nate took Luke to school and we didn't even know that it was a 2 hour delay. When it was time to take him to school I told the older kids to go get in the van while I get Hallie ready. I lifted her up and I smelled a bad diaper...then noticed poo smeared all up my arm! So I had to wash her, wash me, change her and rush out the door to find the older kids playing outside. They finally got in the van, then the mail lady pulled in the driveway for me to sign something! At this point, there was no getting to school on time. Once the younger kids and I came back home, took shoes off, coats off...the phone rang...it was Luke, " Mom, I left my science folder at home, I really need it today can you bring it to me?" Back in the van we go and I had to just laugh! The Lord spoke to me so clearly through the song that came on, "Every step I take I take in You, You are my way Jesus, every breath I take I take in You." So I breathed in deep and felt the Lord just smile with me in that moment! God gave me some bumps in the road today but I felt Him in such a real way that I wouldn't trade one minute of this day for anything! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

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