Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Lesson

A few weeks ago, our whole family got sick. It was not confirmed that it was the H1N1, but my nurse practitioner suspects it was. We are finally feeling better with the exception that my lungs are still not completely clear. Still waiting on results from an x-ray to see what to do next.
Anyways, we were home for 2 Sundays in a row and the last Sunday we had our own little family church service together. Patience was our topic. Sometimes as a parent I wonder how much my children are "getting." It became clear to me this day that they are "getting it." After a full day of cleaning, baking and preparing a birthday treat for Melissa's preschool the next day, I was worn out and also very pleased with everything that got accomplished. Then, I hear Micah crying. We found him perched on our hutch, scared to move, and I see the container of birthday treats I made for Melissa's preschool the next day scattered all over the floor! Nate could tell I was going to blow, so he quickly took care of Micah so I could decide what to do about the treats! These were cute little turkeys made out of Oreo cookies. As I am boiling of anger inside, deciding how to let this anger blow, I hear Luke from the computer say, "Mom, you are doing really well with being patient!" It's as if he popped my balloon of anger and it all blew out! I still needed to simmer a bit and before bedtime I told Luke that the Lord used him today to help me. If the whole reason that happened was for righteousness in was well worth it!

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Keeper of the Zoo said...

My kids definitely give me lessons in patience every day! :-) If it makes you feel any better, Ben went on and on about how wonderful those turkeys were for the rest of the day!