Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Saturday before Easter, we give our kids "Spring Baskets." We fill them with candy, something they need or want and I try to find something that will help them in their spiritual walk. This year I got books at the Library used book sale for .25! Gotta love that sale! On Friday, we made our Resurrection rolls. The marshmallow represent Jesus. We anoint Jesus' body in oil and spices (butter and cinnamon sugar) and lay Him in the tomb (a crescent roll). Then we wait three days and three nights (baking time) and we break open the tomb, HE IS RISEN! The linen cloth on Jesus' face was left (melted marshmallow) and the angel's presence is there (icing on top). We love these rolls! We also had a foot washing time with our family. Nate read and explained John 13 and we went to the bathroom and washed each others feet. On Saturday we also had our family time with the Resurrection eggs to tell the true story of Easter. Next year, I would like to make our own Easter Week and each night of the week, tell part of Jesus' life til the empty tomb. Kinda like a Christmas advent calendar but for Easter week. Wasn't able to make it this year.
Here are some of our family pictures of Easter.

Spring baskets!

Hallie scowling. She does this's funny.

Hallie in her Easter dress and coat.

This was the best picture we could get!

Tori and Hallie, Jared, Seth, Luke, Melissa and yes that's Micah with the bucket on his head!

Tori helping Lis...I thought this was a sweet picture!

Nephew Tyler and Niece Tori, Brother Jamey and Sister-in-law Vicki

Nephews Seth and Jared, brother Jeremy

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Noelle said...

Wow...Hallie's hair has sure grown since I last saw a picture of her...and Luke's hair got shorter! Cute pictures! I had to laugh at the goofy pictures of Luke! Addisyn has started taking my camera and taking pictures of things...she's acutally really good! But I get a kick out of the things she thinks are important to get on camera! =)