Thursday, February 12, 2009


When I was little, My Grandma made me a heart pillow for Valentines day. I loved getting them out each year and decorating my bed. Now my kids enjoy getting them out and picking their favorites to decorate their beds. Melissa loves things like this. It's fun to remember back to my younger years when I look at each pillow. My Grandma was a great seamstress. I enjoy sewing and maybe one day I can get back into it.

Here is Melissa and her Valentine box. She painted a rainbow on it. Then we cut out a heart-shaped hole to put valentines inside. We then cut a slit int he box to prop up the heart with her name on it. She was very proud of it.

Here is Melissa in her preschool class during their party. She's all about snacks!

Luke's Wall-e Valentines box. This was a fun project! Nana and Pappy got a voice changer for Luke at Christmas time. So he also took that in to change his voice to sound like

Wall-e. It was really cute and actually sounded like Wall-e's voice!

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Jim and April said...

oh how cute their boxes are! I remember how BIG valentine's day was at school...i loved getting all the valentine's from each kid and all the amazing treats the mom's/teachers would bring in! fun memories!